Monday, January 21, 2013

Doodles (1/22/13)

Behold! The Grand Duchess of the Hamburger Patty! The Grand Duchess, also known as Mrs. Featherdime, is the richest woman in all of La La Land. Being the widow to the Duke who invented hamburger buns she lives in luxury with her husband's will money. Her butler is a little penguin-like man. They are both very snooty and Posh.

Her style is inspired by William Hogarth (an early caricaturist.)

This woman is a famous fashion model/designer who travels across the world in search of new talent. Her face is inspired by graffitied fashion magazine covers that have penciled on uni-brows, mustaches, and goatees. Her look, mannerisms, and pretentious attitude are all inspired by Lady Gaga and Madonna.

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