Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Diary of the Mouth

I just started working as a Character Layout Artist on the Spongebob Movie 2 three weeks ago today. It's a great job with amazing talents and some of my art heroes.

Spongebob has always been an extremely special show to me because I have loved it since I was a child. I still remember when it first aired, I was 8 years old and watching it at my grandma's house. Little did I know how much it would inspire me and influence my life as an artist.

It sounds silly to say a cartoon of all things is so meaningful but it's the things that impact us as a child that stay with you as you grow older. My best friends and even a few past girlfriends are all nerdy "Spongebob-quoters." It wasn't a coincidence. What people find funny is important to me in a friendship/relationship because it shows whether or not we can laugh together.

Anyways, besides just being a fan, I learned to realize more and more why it was so successful. It's the harmony working amongst the characters when they play off each other; the surrealist backgrounds filled with clever props; the subtle expressions during dialog; Stephen Hillenburg's dedication to keeping accuracy in the marine life while not taking the show too seriously; and the ability to attract an audience of all ages. So many shows try to just get one of those things right and Spongebob gets it all. No wonder why Spongebob is the biggest cartoon character since Mickey Mouse...

I can't understate how much this show means to me. If it were not for Spongebob, I wouldn't be here in L.A. pursuing art. I came to L.A. because I wanted to pitch a show and I was first inspired to do such a thing because of my longtime admiration for Stephen Hillenburg's creation.

Needless to say, I couldn't have asked for a better job. I'm learning so much from my supervisor, Sherm Cohen and I'm honored to be given the chance to be taught by him. I stay late after work almost every day because I'm still "absorbing" (pun) the reality of it all.

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